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Position: Project Coordinator - Truss & Wall Panel Manufacturing

Location: Mid-Atlantic
Priority: Not Active
ID: J14069


While project coordination is the title, the key skills needed to be effective is having an architectural design background, truss design, or other framing level design experience like whole house framing, wall panel, or EWP design.  You don't have to be a Truss Designer to get this position but it helps.  You can just have the basic technical skills they can build on, be detail oriented, have effective people skills, and be willing to learn.  If you are looking for a long term position, job security, a fast paced job with lots of balls in the air, read on. 

The employer prefers someone with basic architectural, building components,  or truss design skills.  Again, you don't have to start off with truss design skills, but need to be willing to learn the needed skills that include segments of truss design.  If you can read blueprints at a structural level, and use AutoCAD or other design software, or if you are a basic level truss designer looking to advance, without having to break out of a herd of designers, read on.

The job is working with sales, production, design and the customer to coordinate jobs, review plans, and make sure everything is in place to bid, design and produce projects.  You will learn many elements of truss design, project flow and customer service.  This is a key position with many skills that can lead to advancement, management, sales, based on how your skills develop.

This is one of my top 5 employers.  Pay is comparable to truss designers,  they will consider entry level to expert level and train accordingly.  It is the personality, desire to learn, and ability to multitask effectively that will determine your level.  Starting off at the entry level will be in the $20 hr range but experts can do significantly better (over $30 hr.).  Consider the value of training you would receive and what the future holds.  Strictly Confidential.  Contact me to discuss your fit for this position.  Must relocate or already live near their facility.

IF you are willing to relocate for a fantastic career opportunity, let's talk!

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