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ID: C11656
Title: Truss Designer | Truss Estimator | Truss Design Checker/Optimizer
Relocation: Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Nevada, USA - Southwest, USA - Western, Utah

20+ years' experience truss design/layout & checking.  Primary focus is Single Family, Single Family Custom, Production Builders.  Some Multifamily, prior experience juggling 2-4 mega-multifamily projects.  Has MMF skills, but is not interested in high pressure MMF jobs.  MiTek Sapphire software advanced user, intermediate Sapphire Management software user,  MiTek MBA and  Microsoft Office.  Scored intermediate level on the JobLine Truss Design Skills Evaluation using only a calculator, no software.  Willing to work in the office or remote.

Compensation: $55-70k based on hours, responsibility, projects, and cost of living. 

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